Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny for the Day- Laundry pick up

My wonderful husband just finished doing the laundry (yes you read that right, Joe is the one that does all the laundry in the house) and had it sitting out on the couch. Well the girls always see that as an invitation to have a laundry rainstorm and throw it all over the living room.

When I saw the mess they were making I said, "Okay girls lets see who can pick up the laundry the fastest. Who's going to be the winner?" Winner!?! Hailey liked that idea so she started throwing the laundry into the laundry basket. And since Brooklyn likes doing whatever Hailey does she decided to pick up a shirt and help out.

Well Hailey didn't like the thought of Brooklyn being a winner so she decided to tackle Brooklyn instead to keep her from helping. It just turned into a big fight of trying not to let the other one get anything in the basket. So much for that idea!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More photos...

...wow it's only been about 5 min since my last blog and I am already posting more photos. I'm good. Actually the reason why I don't post photos anymore is I moved my computer to my new photography studio in October and I have no internet there. So I bring photos home to post on my photography blog once in a while but then I have to use Joe's old ghetto computer to get to the internet so I just haven't done it. I will post the other photos I have of the girls from previous sessions of them, because I already have them loaded but it will still take me a few days to get our regular photos. Wow that was a really boring paragraph with useless information. If you are still reading I am amazed, congratulations and sorry for wasting 3 minutes of your life.

Finally more photos...

I got some complaints that I never update my blog so I thought I would post some pictures from a session I just did with the girls. I was all alone. Normally with my children sessions I have the parent and usually even an assistant if we are outdoors. But against my better judgement I thought we could do it alone. They are after all my own kids. After alot of screaming and crying (though I wont say from who) and Brooklyn doing a face dive from a standing position in the stroller onto the cement we called it a wrap.

I was actually really worried about Brooklyn. But after we but Joe's mom's herbal aid cream on it all day long the next day there was no bump at all just little scabs from skinning it. That cream is amazing.

Anyways here are the photos. I will try to post some everyday type photos on here soon, but soon is a relative word.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Funny for the Day- Brooklyn and the Wicked Witch

The girls were watching The Wizard of Oz and right before the wicked witch was melted she caught the Scarecrow on fire. Well this really upset Brooklyn so she started yelling at the witch, "NO, NO!" and then she walked over to the tv and started flicking the screen with her little finger hitting the witch. She seemed pretty satisfied when the witch melted down to nothing.