Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny for the Day- Laundry pick up

My wonderful husband just finished doing the laundry (yes you read that right, Joe is the one that does all the laundry in the house) and had it sitting out on the couch. Well the girls always see that as an invitation to have a laundry rainstorm and throw it all over the living room.

When I saw the mess they were making I said, "Okay girls lets see who can pick up the laundry the fastest. Who's going to be the winner?" Winner!?! Hailey liked that idea so she started throwing the laundry into the laundry basket. And since Brooklyn likes doing whatever Hailey does she decided to pick up a shirt and help out.

Well Hailey didn't like the thought of Brooklyn being a winner so she decided to tackle Brooklyn instead to keep her from helping. It just turned into a big fight of trying not to let the other one get anything in the basket. So much for that idea!


  1. That is so funny. Your girls are so cute. It is great they are willing to help out.

  2. That is so cute! Sometimes our "best" ideas don't turn out so good! Tell Joe is welcome to come do my laundry anytime he wants to! =-)