Thursday, August 28, 2008

Funny for the Day- Where's the wipes??

I was sitting at my computer trying to work on photography, while Brooklyn is peacefully sitting behind me playing with her books. Then I hear this all too familiar sound, turn and see that she has pulled off her diaper!! She has done this a few times in bed leaving her mark, literally, all over the room, the most recent being earlier this week, but luckily I was away at a photo consultation and Joe had the joy of cleaning up. (I probably shouldn't be saying this if we ever want to get babysitters again). To prevent that, I started putting onesies on her, but some how she was able to work around that onesie and still get it off. I thought it was funny until I realized it was a dirty diaper. I yelled at Hailey, "hurry get the wipes," but because she just woke up she just stared at me blankly. Finally I convinced her to go grab them while I try and keep Brooklyn from messing up the whole room. Hailey calls back to me, "mommy I tant weach them." Dang. I remember earlier today both girls had pulled every wipe out and spread them across the living room. Instead of getting mad, we played a little game with them before putting them all back in the tub and putting the tub high enough that it is just out of Hailey's reach. I pick up Brooklyn, holding her in a way that she can't get me dirty, as I dash to grab the wipes. I clean her up and all is good. That is until both girls make a mad dash to the tub of wipes I had just left on the floor. Maybe I shouldn't have made that wipe game such fun.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The girls

I love these pictures of the girls we took in the back yard. They really capture their personalities. Hailey Claire our little princess (p.s. when I showed Hailey the post she said "there's Princess Hailey"), and Bookie Lou our tough little monster growler (she really does growl like a monster all the time, and she does it on purpose too).