Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Funny for the Day- Catching a Fly

We have a fly in the house and it is driving Hailey crazy. It went into Hailey's kitchen (the storage area under the stairs that we made unto a play area). Hailey told me to get it. My first inclination was to say I can't, but Hailey has been saying that all the time refusing to do things (usually scary things such as walking on a log) so instead I told her I would get it determined to kill it if it took me all night. I tried smashing it against the wall but then it flew over to the wall near Hailey. I yelled, "get it Hailey" normally she would've said "I can't" but instead she swung at it and killed it!! One try. We were laughing so hard, and she was pretty proud!!

Funny for the Day- Nap Time

I have a strict schedule for the girls nap time. Brooklyn takes a nap in the morning and then after lunch I put Hailey down. I wait until Hailey is asleep then I put Brooklyn down, because Brooklyn wakes up to any noise, but once Hailey is asleep she's gone. Well today I put Hailey down but I didn't have time to wait for her to fall asleep because I had some photography stuff I had to do, so I put Brooklyn down a few minutes later. I remembered why I can never do this. They just play. I can hear them laughing and talking. Whenever I open the door I catch Hailey over by Brooklyn's crib with Brooklyn just laughing at everything she does.