Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jan. & Feb at our house

I bundled the girls up to go play outside because it was a clear day. I put Brookie in a car seat so I could help Hailey down the slide (white trash, I know). She wasn't too thrilled about being outside.

Hailey on the other hand was so excited to play outside, that was until we got out there. She looked down at her hands and was saying "Ouyies". Lets just say it took longer to get the girls dressed than to play outside.
Hailey doesn't like sleeping alone. We checked on her during one of her naps and this is exactly how we found her!!
Best Friends, that is until Hailey gets her hair too close to Brooklyn's hands.
Hailey went to her friend's birthday party at Pump it up, an inflatable jumping place. She had so much fun. She wasn't very daring at first, but towards the end she was going down big slides and doing obstacle courses all by herself.

The girls had a "My Little Pony Party" and invited some friends over.
Hailey and Britain playing a wild game of Ring around the Rosie.
Hailey is always so excited to see Daddy when he comes home. She's daddy's little girl.

Hailey did finger paints for the first time. She doesn't like being messy so at fist she was wiping her hands every five seconds so they would stay clean. After a half hour or so though she had it all up and down her arms and all over her face. I didn't think she would ever stop painting until I told her she could take a bath.
Hailey and Brooklyn dressed up for church.
Bookie Loo is sitting all by herself now!!